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The Sorensen Group provides strategic counsel and services to leading-edge organizations in life sciences, precision medicine and global health. We are passionate about catalyzing big ideas into transformational outcomes for our clients.

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The Sorensen Group is focused on helping our clients create long-term value and achieve measurable results through alignment of organizational objectives, strategy and brand. We provide expert advice and trusted support in shaping all our clients do to drive their organization’s success.

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Linking Communication Strategies & Your Bottom Line

We focus on developing messages that are memorable and resonate with your key audiences, which enables our clients to build relationships and shape the views of the people that matter.

Telling a compelling story is the most important step in engaging your stakeholders or winning new customers.

Our strategic communications experience ranges from business and biotech -- to sports and sustainability. We know how to differentiate you in the marketplace and direct the conversation to have real and lasting impact.


Raising Your Profile to Move the Needle

Our pioneering clients often tap our expertise at the intersection of science and policy because we know how to deliver in ways that amplify messages, mobilize support and increase funding for game changing initiatives. 


We know how to develop strategies that combine research with persuasive communication to build support, and shape policy at every level of government.



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Leveraging Relationships to Maximize Impact


We know how to identify strategic partners to extend your reach and provide solutions to complex problems. We work with you to determine what you do best and where you need help.


Whether you are trying to solve a complex biological problem, acquiring customers, opening new markets or expanding your network, we can help you leverage your assets to achieve your business development goals.


Managing Challenging & Complex Problems in an Interconnected World​


Your reputation matters. We can help you develop and implement strategies and tools to raise your profile and ensure your strong presence in the community, whether it's among opinion leaders, your customers or the media.


And when high-priority challenges and opportunities arise, we can work with you to proactively manage them on every front -- from traditional media outlets and bloggers to navigating the political landscape.





The Sorensen Group is passionate about scientific innovation and breakthrough technologies. We work exclusively with clients who are at the forefront of transformational advances in human health and promoting sustainable societies globally. Our clients include early stage companies, research institutes, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and charitable foundations.


We have a proven track record helping innovators become more effective through strategic business development and transparent communication. We bring the breadth and depth of experience necessary to understand what you do and we know how to present a compelling story to your audiences and partners.


Whether you are speaking with potential investors in Silicon Valley or Silicon Savannah, you need to be focused on effectively communicating your message. Let us help you succeed.


Providing scientific and strategic expertise to maximize the impact of our clients’ innovations​​

Many of The Sorensen Group's clients are the academics and entrepreneurs at the forefront of the paradigm shifting ideas that are transforming biology and medicine in the 21st Century.


We combine a deep understanding of science and technology, expertise in identifying strategic partners to accelerate discovery, and experience in developing integrated marketing plans to raise our clients' profiles with the audiences who matter most.


Whether you are a researcher with a great idea, a philanthropic organization in need of a biotech partner for an exciting new initiative, or a life sciences company that is getting ready to launch a new product, we can help.


Promoting ideas with promise and solutions with impact

Many of the biggest problems in global health will only be solved through the acceleration of scientific discovery. According to some estimates, only 10 percent of all medical research conducted today is devoted to conditions that account for 90 percent of the global disease burden.


The Sorensen Group works with clients to promote innovations to ultimately provide affordable tools and technologies in developing nations and emerging markets in such areas as maternal, newborn and child health. 


We leverage our communications expertise and strong relationships to engage the broader scientific community, target funders, identify strategic partners and launch advocacy initiatives. We also provide program development and technical support.


Collaborating with healthcare innovators at the forefront of transforming medicine

We are entering a new era of medicine. It’s a data-informed approach that considers an individual’s molecular profile, environment and lifestyle to optimize health and wellness and avoid transitions to disease. It’s putting patients at the center of their own health and it’s a radical departure from the way the current US healthcare system functions.

Whether you are a scientist, clinician or an industry leader, understanding how to effectively communicate with key stakeholders during this seismic shift in healthcare is critical to your success.

The Sorensen Group has the expertise to help our clients navigate this rapidly changing landscape. We help bridge the gap between complex topics and the audiences who want to understand them. We provide strategic counsel and communications expertise to help our clients tell their stories about how this paradigm shift will dramatically improve society.


Helping entrepreneurs who are tackling the global issues related to climate change

From habitat restoration to ocean acidification, we have collaborated with CEOs and scientists in addressing environmental challenges by introducing new business models and applying cutting-edge research to real-world problems.


These challenges range from:

▪︎  Identifying funding opportunities with investors, government and philanthropy

▪︎  Developing strategic partnerships to enable exciting new applications of science or accelerate a product's time to market

▪︎  Navigating the political environment

▪︎  Understanding how to bring stories to life in the most compelling way possible


Regardless of the size of the challenge, we are focused on helping our clients achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

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